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New! OptiDrive 360

May 14, 2015

Our newest telematics management development, Optidrive 360, can help continuously improve your driver’s performance and reduce fleet costs by actively advising drivers of positive behavioral changes in real-time, 24 hours per day and 7 days per week.

OptiDrive 360 is a proactive driver aid to bring about a responsible, safe and cost effective driving style. It provides valuable direct feedback to the fleet manager and driver simultaneously – before, during and after the journey. It has been demonstrated that responsible driving considerably lowers fuel, maintenance and insurance premiums, and the total costs of vehicle ownership. Optidrive 360 is the ever-present driver trainer.

Driving performance insights

Fleet managers and drivers get individual driving insights, on up to 8 OptiDrive performance indicators, including speed, fuel, idling and coasting.

We provide information about speed and speed limits, and indicate where drivers are operating within legal limits, as well as monitoring other key driving behavior such as harsh steering and excessive breaking and cornering. Constant (low fuel consuming) speed is encouraged by reporting on fluctuations. It provides both real-time and average fuel consumption, as well as Information on non-essential idling time and the high associated fuel waste.

Drivers can be alerted to appropriate gear changing to optimize vehicle efficiency, as well as when to ease up on the accelerator when approaching a coasting zone and get an advised green speed, based on fuel efficiency and the speed limit.

OptiDrive 360 allows fleet managers to easily monitor overall performance or zoom in on particular performance indicators for your fleet or individual driver, in real-time. You can use these insights in discussions with drivers to praise good behavior.

Monitoring Tools

Easy to read dashboards enable fleet managers to see adverse trends in real-time, enabling fast reactions to improve driving behavior. A variety of standard reports analyses and compares driver performance for teams or individuals. You can configure the outputs to the needs or pressure points within your business, by defining the importance of each indicator to influence driving style to suit your business needs.

What does OptiDrive 360 provide to your drivers?

OptiDrive 360 gives your drivers real-time feedback and driving advice before, during and after their journey. With this feedback, drivers are truly in charge, and capable of improving their own driving style and their individual impact upon your business.

Tips & tricks – Drivers will see best practice tips and tricks for eco driving on their TomTom PRO device – helping to improve their performance before they even start their engine.

Feedback & advice – Your drivers will receive real-time feedback on speeding and harsh braking, which is actively provided to them in their vehicles. Additionally, active driving advice tells your drivers what’s ahead. By knowing the road, drivers can anticipate better and drive more efficiently and safely.

Evaluate performance – Drivers can analyses their own performance after each trip and compare their performance by week or month. Drivers also receive an individual recommendation to help them improve further.

The Key Benefits of OptiDrive 360 include:

  • Cutting costs – Reduces fuel, maintenance and insurance costs, lowering the total vehicle ownership costs.
  • Increasing your sustainability – Prove your environmental responsibility by demonstrating your effort to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.
  • Increasing driver safety – Real-time feedback and advice on safer driving results in fewer accidents and maintenance downtime.
  • Be more relaxed -With a better driving style drivers will arrive at the customer relaxed and ready to work.

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