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Advanced Vehicle Telematics Systems – Complete Fleet Management Solutions

Mobile business owners are always looking for ways to optimise time and resources when it comes to managing their fleet. Communicate Better offers you a complete fleet management solution giving you control of your business productivity.

Vehicle tracking & telematics lowers cost & improves profitability

Whether you have a small or large fleet we can guarantee that you will always know how your vehicles and drivers are performing, providing you with all the information you need to make decisions that will improve your business.

Heavy Goods Vehicles, vans and cars are all valuable assets and should be tracked and used efficiently to make you money and not increase your operating costs.

Driving regulations and ever rising fuel costs

Advanced Telematics has rapidly become the crucial tool for Fleet Managers. Strictly enforced driving regulations and influential fuel costs means that fleet management systems have become a core part of any transport dependent business. With fuel as one of the most significant costs in vehicle operations it pays to use less while delivering more.

Behaviour monitoring and training

Telematics driver behaviour monitoring and training makes managing and regulating fuel costs possible. Small changes can massively improve the bottom line of your business. Not only can you save on the absolute fuel cost, but these small changes cumulatively improve safety, with reduced insurance risk profiles and premiums.

Corporate Social Responsibility

More and more companies are incorporating environmental policies into their business plans and by using Telematics businesses can measure and publish their carbon footprint, highlighting significant improvements along the way.

Driver & Vehicle Management

Management suddenly becomes easy. You can observe driver behaviour, commercial vehicle tracking and delivery performance remotely in real time. The system prompts you with any performance outside of your guidelines, saving time and improving both profits and client delivery.

Drive time for HGV drivers

Real time connectivity, displayed on a big screen, multiple PC monitors or hand held devices (for senior management) provides insight into all aspects of the fleet performance. Monitor the use of your commercial vehicle assets both inside and outside of the normal working day showing location, speed, driver ID, work or private mode (P11D), and even the planned route pre-set into the live route management program is clear to all. Remaining driving time for HGV drivers is reported live, as are any infringements or non-compliance, together with fuel consumption and arrival ETA’s.

Improved driving habits

We have seen small improvements to drivers established habits improve fleet fuel efficiency by up to 23%. Another principal cost is driver wages. The right Telematics Management ensures that drivers proactively manage their time and efficiency.

Tachograph driving

Tachograph driving times are remotely downloaded as per legal guidelines to secure storage. This saves a huge amount of administration time, effort and cost. Driving time and rest periods are calculated by day, week and fortnight, and non-compliance is reported all in real time. Traffic management can see remaining driving time for all drivers by clicking their vehicle icon on the screen.

Install the right fleet management system

Telematics management can encourage positive changes within your business by way of offering constructive feedback to your fleet of drivers on their performance. It can also help keep your employees stress free, providing job satisfaction with improved communication between office, vehicle and customer from optimised route management. Since the economic down turn, taking a rate increase to market has been almost impossible, often resulting in loss of clients and difficulty in staying competitive.

Act now with the No 1 telematics solution in Europe.

Take a rate reduction to market instead, win new business from your competitors and increase your profits. The potential is locked inside your business and professional telematics is the key. De-bunking the “smoke and mirrors” claims from simple “track and trace” solutions through to “professional asset management for profit” is not easy for purchasers.

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